Website Design

Whether you have a current website or no website at all, I can create a fully optimized and customized website for your business. 

Modern &

When people come to your website it’s important to leave a good lasting impression. A modern and optimized website will do just this. A modern website will help people trust your business, you need a design that is user-friendly and optimized for different devices. 


Your website should reflect your brand, values, and mission. 

With a customized WordPress site the sky’s the limit. It’s compatible for stores, third-party scheduling platforms, customizing it to fit the look and feel of your business, and so much more. 

A WordPress site is also the best platform for having access to the full range of SEO capabilities. You have full control over the titles displayed in Google search results, the meta description and more.

Schedule a free consultation, and we can talk about what your needs are for a customized website.

User Friendly

For your customers

A website should be built with your customers in mind. Your website should be easy for someone to understand what your business is about, it should be easy for them to get information, schedule, buy a product, and so on.

And for you

Not only do I design your site with your customers in mind, but also with you in mind. The main platform I use WordPress to create your website because it is incredibly user friendly if you have a hihg-quality theme and build. So at the end of the project when we launch the site you have 2 options:
1. I can do the on going maintanice of the site OR
2. Because it's so user friendly you will have full control of your site. I will create customized training videos for you so if you decide you want to manage your site going forward you can have 100% of the control. Compared to having a site built from custom coding (not using WordPress) you won't be able to make any edits yourself

Are you Ready?

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation

I offer a free 30-minute consultation where we can discuss your business needs and goals. We’ll talk about how a new professional website can benefit you, and it’s your chance to ask any questions before making a commitment.

Or Maybe a new site isn't what you're looking for

If that’s the case I offer coaching and audits. 


An evaluation of your online presence with recommendations on what you can do to improve your online presence. This could be something that’s missing on your website, advice on changes to make your site more appealing and user-friendly. I’ll evaluate your SEO, and social media platforms. This coaching session also gives you a chance to collaborate and ask questions you may have about marketing or your website without the price of a new website.


Audits give you valuable information like a coaching session does. However, there’s no phone call needed so if you’re busy or not a fan of phone calls then the audits are a great option. I offer different packages for the audits so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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