The Best iPads for Graphic Design

These are my top recommendations for iPads for graphic design. I did a lot of research as you are probably doing and it took me a few weeks before deciding what the best option for me is. One of my biggest criteria was I wanted a device that would be compatible with the program Procreate. Since Procreate isn’t an app that is available for Androids I kept my focus on Apple iPads for graphic design.

First I’ll introduce the different iPads the pros and cons as well as the prices. Then at the end of this post I’ll share what I decided to go with and why.

This post does contain some affiliate links. I only recommend products I have bought, tested, or would buy.

Here are the top four of the best iPads for graphic design:

Each one of these iPads is a great option to be able to work on graphic design on the go. I use mine for when I travel when I don’t feel like sitting at my computer. That is one of the biggest benefits of having an iPad for graphic design is that it’s portable and it’s a more tactile experience versus creating with your mouse or something like a Wacom (that connects to your computer).

iPad Comparison

iPad Mini (6th Gen)iPad (8th Gen)iPad Air (5th Gen)iPad Pro (6th Gen)
Size8.3-inch Retina display10.2-inch Retina display10.9-inch Retina display12.9-inch Liquid XDR display
Storage64 GB – 256 GB32 GB – 12864 GB – 256 GBUp to 2TB
ConnectorUSB-C connectorLightning connectorUSB-C connectorUSB-C connector
Video4k video recording1080p HD video recording4K video recording4K video recording
Camera12MP photos8MP photos12MP photos12MP photos
Apple Pencil2nd Gen Pencil1st Gen Pencil2nd Gen Pencil2nd Gen Pencil
Battery Life10 Hours10 Hours10 Hours10 Hours
PriceFrom $399From
From: $679From: $999

I hope you find this comparison chart helpful as you make a decision on which iPad will best suit your needs. Whether you want to an iPad for professional purposes, such as graphic design, and illustrations, or if you want one for fun and for recreational use.

Better Pricing Options:

The prices outlined in the chart above are from Apple’s website starting with the lowest cost of the iPad. Because you get to choose the amount of storage the price will change depending on how much storage you choose to get. If you shop directly from Apple you’re paying a little extra because it’s the Apple store. However, if you want to save yourself some money you can find these same products on Amazon and at a better price.

Amazon also offers protection plans as does Apple. I decided to buy my iPad on Amazon instead of Apple. It was on sale on Amazon so I took the opportunity and snagged a great deal.

What I decided to buy:

I am a website designer and a graphic designer, I also create illustrations so I do a lot of my work on my computer. But I wanted something that was portable and convenient for designing on the go. I decided the best option for me is the iPad 8th Gen with 128 GB of storage. It has been the perfect tool for my business and for doing graphic design.

This iPad is perfect for Procreate, this was another big requirement I had while shopping around for iPads or tablets. However, Andriod devices don’t support this drawing app.

Things to Consider

I would recommend the iPad or the iPad Mini if you have a small business, or if you just enjoy doing graphic design and art as a hobby. My next choice was the iPad Air. The biggest factor in me choosing the iPad 8th Gen was the fact that I already do a lot of my work on my laptop. So my iPad isn’t my only tool for my business, if it were my main tool for creating designs I would have invested in the iPad Air, or even the Pro.

What it comes down to is your need and intent with the iPad. Some graphic designers are all for the larger screens and getting as much storage as possible. Again if the iPad was going to be my main tool for graphic design I would have bought a more expensive one so I could have more storage, the screen size doesn’t bother me and it’s not that different between the iPad and the iPad Pro. But I have other tools and devices so having more storage wasn’t essential.

I also tried out 2 different kinds of pencils for the iPad. I compared an Apple Pencil to an affordable alternative stylus. To read that post click here! Also, remember to share this post and follow me on social media to stay up to date on my latest posts and projects.

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