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Need a New Professional Optimized Website?

It’s time to upgrade your online presence with a website that is branded for your business and is optimized for search engines and a great customer experience.

It's time to get serious About
leveling up your online presence

At Bre's Design Studio You can Expect:

A Professional &
Optimized Site

80% of people will research a company before making a purchase. If your website doesn't look professional you are driving sales away from you and into your competitor's pockets.

Improved online

I offer new professional and optimized websites. I also offer coaching and audits so if you don't need a brand new site you can get direction on how to improve your online presence.

More time to
Focus on your business

You have a business to run, you don't have time to learn website design that follows UX/UI design that is SEO and mobile optimized. Hiring a website designer takes all of that off your plate.

You need a Designer
who cares

Hey there, I'm Bre!
Bre's website design studio

I have launched over 90 websites for small to medium size businesses. I have worked with business owners and marketing directors from most industries. Including eCommerce stores, construction industries, photography, agriculture, plumbers, roofers, beauty, salons, health and fitness. I’ve done websites for lawyers, hospitals, internet companies, and dog breeders. I’ve built sites for authors, investors, psychologists, and inventors to showcase their ideas and products. Plus many more industries.

And I love it!

I love getting to learn about your business and how I can help you achieve your business goals with a website that is created with your target audience in mind and a site that search engines will love! A lot of designers have a focus on just design and don’t know too much about SEO. So in the beginning of 2020 I became an SEO account manager, strategizing SEO campaigns and helping countless businesses reach the first page of Google. So when I design your site it will have the capability to be found in search engines like Google.

I’m also an entrepreneur so I understand where you’re coming from when you say you need to get more customers. Or your business is your life. Because it is, I understand that your business is what gives you freedom and it’s what pays the bills. You need your business to be successful, and I’m excited to get to know you and your business and help you improve your online presence with a professional and optimized website.

I create Customized Websites tailored to fit your target audience, Meeting your needs and their needs.


Website Design

Improve your online presence

You’re an expert in what you do and I’m an expert in what I do: Website Design. Websites are a different world with important UX and SEO rules that need to be followed. By having an expert design your site you don’t have to worry about learning what it takes to get on the first page of Google & or how to build a site people like!


30 minutes to an hour

Not ready for a new website? But you know your business needs some online TLC and direction? I’ve got your back! Let’s chat and I’ll help you discover what is essential to up your game.


Website & Marketing Audits

Not sure how to improve your online presence? It might be a new website, or you might just need direction on your marketing strategy. Learn more about what an audit can do for you!


What My Clients Say

The site is really great! We appreciate Bre's work and talents in helping CMS to get more professional web exposure.
Marketing Director
Absolutely a wonderful job!!

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