The Benefits of a Website Audit

Benefits of a website audit

As a business owner or a blogger, there are so many benefits to having a website audit. A website audit will give you crystal clear answers on what can be done to improve your website. To understand why people might not be able to find you online. Or why they aren’t making purchases or scheduling a service. An audit will also give you actionable steps on how to improve your website.

There are design and psychology principles that influence a person’s decision to shop on a site and to trust a brand. If you’re wondering what a website audit can do for you here are just a couple of benefits a website audit provides:

Expert Advice

One of the biggest benefits of having a website audit is getting expert advice. It takes all the guesswork out of trying to figure out what your website needs or what could be hurting your website and sales.

If you built your website by yourself or hired someone for really cheap and you’re not seeing results, an audit will give you information to build off of the foundation you have without having to invest thousands hoping that you’re investing in the right thing.

Design recommendations

There are psychology and design rules that go into having a professional website that converts. If you’ve ever asked yourself how your website could be improved or if you have searched for website design tips an audit provides you with professional advice and direction.

Business Insights

I’ve worked as a corporate designer and as an SEO account manager. I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs who are at a loss when it comes to where they should invest their money. Or most things related to website design and marketing. An audit can give you clarity and direction, it gives you the information you need to make sure you

SEO Advice

There are a lot of components that go into having a sound SEO site. Again, a website audit that includes an SEO evaluation will give you insight on how well structured and optimized your site is. Having the right optimizations it will help improve your organic rankings on Google and other search engines.

Marketing Recommendations

An audit can help you discover weak places in marketing on your website. These types of marketing recommendations are specific for your website and for your business. These include some of the following:

There are places where a call to action works best.

Some websites will receive a great benefit by having a chat feature because for some industries this enhances the customer experience and can generate more high-quality leads.

Some websites would benefit from a blog. An audit will also give you the information you need to know what plugins work best for blogging so your post can be shared on social media.

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