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As a designer, it is so important to have a solid color palette that matches your project. Whether it’s a personal project, a graphic design project for a client, creating a brand and so on. There is so much that goes into color theory, but also there are so many different shades of colors that can help create your vision and make an impactful design.

If you need resources or inspiration on different color palettes you’ve found the right place! This is where I’ll add my own curated color palettes and I’ll update this post with different resources so you can find winning color combinations.

I hope you enjoy, find something useful, and share this post with your friends!


Here are a couple of my favorite tools and websites for finding great colors:

Chrome Extension Color Picker
This Chrome extension lets you get the hex code from pictures online, making the design process so much easier to get the exact color and hex codes you want.

Adobe Color Wheel
Adobe’s color wheel lets you see different types of color palettes like analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary and more! It also gives you different shades of colors and their hex codes.

Material Design Palette
Select two colors and a color palette for those two colors will be generated.

Color Hunt
This site offers tons of premade color palettes, they have categories like pastel, retro, coffee, summer, fall, winter, neon, and so much more! I love this site because you can create collections and copy the hex codes with a single click.

Premade Color Palettes:

Soothing Beach Color Palette Inspiration
Mountain Color Palette
Travel Color Palette
Romantic Color Palette

Farmhouse Color Palette
Luxury Color Palette
Luxury Spa color palette
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